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​The 22 Tent Company was founded by Marcus in response to a growing desire for more ethical, eco-friendly, sustainable accommodation options which do not skimp on the luxuries. Marcus came from a music and movie production background, having obtained his degree in Music Composition and worked as a Production Assistant. While attending a summer of music festivals, Marcus saw a high demand for luxury camping. He believed he could provide eco-friendly accommodation for large numbers of people without losing one’s creature comforts.  This concept could be expanded into more areas such as private events and the corporate industry and so was born The 22 Tent Company.

22 Tents always needed a signature piece which defined the company and made them stand out from the rest. It had to represent their core beliefs and what they were trying to achieve through the formation of this company; and travelling through Mongolia they found it. 
The traditional Mongolian Yurt - used by the nomadic people of Mongolia for over 1500 years and first recorded to be used as a dwelling as early as 400BC in Greece.
This portable tent was sustainable, using sheep’s wool and local pine from one of the largest stretches of untouched woodland in the world. It was comfortable, warm in the bitter cold of the Mongolian winter, where temperatures drop as low as -30C and cool in the summer months, as if it was air-conditioned. 

22 Tents set out to find a company in Mongolia which were making these yurts and in Ulaanbaatar they found it. Khaadiin Ger was a company that had been making these traditional dwellings for generations and also made hand carved furniture for some of the most important people in Mongolia, such as president Khaltmaagiin Battulga. 

The 22 Tent Company has grown to be much more than a glamping company. They have expanded into providing unique spaces for yoga retreats and meditation getaways, as well as spiritual weekends and health events.

Whether hosting an event, private function or festival.  22 Tents philosophy is to provide a bespoke glamping experience, which focuses on leaving no trace that they were there at all.  All their products are sustainably sourced. Using natural fibres and products from respectable researched sources. In the creation of your accommodation village, none of the environment is damaged or altered and all waste is recycled or disposed of in an ethical manner.

With various options available to suit everyone’s price range, they offer bell tents, lotus belle tents and their traditional hand-carved Mongolian Yurts. 


The 22tents team have a real passion for the outdoors, thriving in a natural setting, surrounded by trees, plants and wildlife. In a world that is becoming more separated and reliant on technology, 22 Tents believe that enjoying the beauty of the outdoors is more important than ever. They realise that a lot of people feel the same way, having been disenfranchised by a growing materialistic world. More and more individuals are choosing to take their festivals, weddings and private functions outside to share their special occasion with nature.
There is something spiritual and grounding about sleeping outside under the stars, whether it be under canvas or staring through one of the skylights in a Mongolian Yurt. The 22 Tent Company offer an experience of the fresh country environment combined with pure bespoke luxury; all our tents have memory foam mattresses, Egyptian cotton linen, atmospheric lighting and lockable doors. 

Choose 22 Tents and see for yourself the benefits of a unique experience away from all the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

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