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With our varied product range to choose from, 22Tents can be the partner you need to build your perfect choice of accommodation. Whether it be couples only with our smaller structures for that special day, or accommodation for up to 600 people with chill-out areas, full reception and nothing for you to worry about.

we really do help all our clients achieve their perfect glamping area. We have many options so you get to decide what works best for you.

Dry hire

Price is calculated by the weekend.

We complete break and build.

Payment is to be made in full one month before build.

20% deposit is required.


Partner Option

No upfront costs.

We pay a generous commission to the event.

We provide unique link for your event on our website.

We manage all bookings.

We are responsible for all litter in our designated area.

We run a reception during the event manned with one of our helpful, dedicated staff.

Everything within the designated campsite area regarding accommodation is 100% our responsibility.

We offer all customers bespoke booking options.

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