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Emma & Daniel
20th - 22nd September 2024 
arreglwyd Estate,
Holyhead, LL65 4NY

To our lovely family and friends, 


 We can’t wait for you to all share our special day together on our Wedding day, and we want to make sure you all have somewhere to stay so the magic doesn’t end! 


We have arranged some glamping pods for you all, The 22 Tent Company are providing Bell tents with the necessary comforts so everyone feels part of our day as this is what we want. 


We would be so happy if you chose this option so you can continue partying into the evening with us without having to worry about necessary means as to getting home. Especially as we know many of you are travelling from afar. 


There are toilet blocks, also shower blocks for you to use, mirrors and little glam stations so you’re well prepared for the wedding! The parking is also so close so no one will be walking miles, as you are on the estate with us. 


The 22 Tent Company will organise your booking and they will be ready for your arrival on the Friday which we intend on doing a bbq (weather permitting) to join us in marriage on Saturday, for them to be packed away the Sunday as we are planning a breakfast van for the party stayers! 

The tents are fully furnished with memory foam beds, bedding and linen. 

There are a few different options of tents and tent layouts you can choose from, based on your level of comfort you’re looking for. 

There is a limit on the number of tents, so we suggest booking your tent sooner rather than later to avoid missing out!


We can’t wait to see you all in September. If you have any questions or queries regarding the tent options please contact 22 Tents directly via the website!


Lots of love and cannot wait to see you fabulous lot,

Daniel and Emma! X

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